Friday, March 16, 2012

Georges Perrier's Last Bow...

It was a sad but powerful day on Saturday March 3rd. It was Georges Perrier’s last rein at Le Bec Fin...

The seats were filled for this last meal celebration. The famous dessert tray weaved through the restaurant as guest dined and wined the night away remembering the good and bad days of the restaurant. Locals and out-of-towners were feasting that night just to be apart of the memorable meal.

Georges Perrier was almost reaching 70 years old when he decided to call it quits. This had nothing to do with Craig LaBans (Philadelphia food critic) 2 bell review. George still owns his few other restaurants including George’s in Wayne, Pa but it was time for Le Bec Fin to have a face lift. Calling on his friends at The French Laundry and Nicholas Elmi stepping down from his role as chef at Le Bec Fin were big moves, but for the best.

    Now closed and in the works for minor remolding, Le Bec Fin is to reopen late this summer with a similar price point but with a toned down interior (keeping the chandeliers) and a renaming of the bar downstairs. So when you walk down Walnut St. in Philadelphia you will see the papered up front door and the bright orange liquor license
pasted out front. Now it’s only anticipation until the restaurant will re open and continue a legacy.

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