Saturday, November 19, 2011

Food Styling By: Tobe LeMoine

1. What made you decide to be a food stylist?

When I was in culinary school I initially wanted to open a restaurant. After becoming more educated I really liked the artistic aspect of food as a medium. Once graduated I pursued the food styling direction.

2. Where are you originally from?

I’m from the Chicago area. My mother was a gourmet cook for her time. That’s where I had the initial interest in cooking and food.

3. Where did you find it the easiest to get work? To start out?

When I first stated out I was assisting other food stylist. Through that I developed samples of my own. I created a portfolio of my own and once I felt proficient in my skills I started to work on my own.

4. What is your connection to Food on Film?

When I used to assist I started to attend the event. It was very educational where I learned new skills, and meet new people. In 2003 for Food on Film I taught a meat styling class with Judy Vance.

5. Who are some notable photographers you have worked with?

I’ve worked with so many! One I’ve worked with was Kevin Smith who is based in Chicago. Kevin and I have been friends and have worked together for years.

6. Where/who have you looked for your inspirations?

I’ve looked in different periodicals of art. I admire Donna Hay’s style because it’s natural and real. Otherwise I just start brainstorming and thinking of creative ideas.

7. What type of marketing do you do for yourself?

I started with creating my website, and listing myself in creative directories. Also trying to make new contacts with photographers. Eventually I got to the point where work was word of mouth.

8. What type of degree did you graduate with from The Culinary Institute of America?

 An Associates in Occupational Studies, which was a 2 year degree.

9. What is your favorite food or drink to style?

All the above. I love my job and like to style and think creatively with everything.

10. What is your must-have tool on every shoot?

Tweezers, can’t survive without them.

Wednesday, November 9, 2011

Stephen Starr Should Be Shaken In His Boots...

   Farmer’s Cabinet

     I originally checked this place out to get a drink with my parents... They actually found the spot on Walnut street, It’s a dark exterior with a pounded copper bar top. You could easily pass it with the bright green irish pubs surrounding it.

    So when I walked in I heard the old western themed piano playing cheery tunes by a costumed western looking fellow wearing his mustache curly and full of hair oil. His outfit along with the animated bartenders were wearing the classic button down whites and black arm garters. The bartender was shaking the drinks to the beat of the piano which was quite entertaining.

    I was there for drinks and was handed a distressed looking menu with hundreds of beers listed! Very overwhelming considering it was written in the language from where the beer was from. Other than the imported they had their own brewmaster that had some amazing beers.

    Going back for dinner I was able to experience the saloon themed restaurant as if it were out of a classic movie. I was waiting for the sheriff to walk in, but that didn’t happen :)

    Everything was lit by real gas lanterns or candles on the tables. The dining room area had walls filled with their different beer bottles and the tables were real dark long wood tables with dark wood benches that seated many groups. I was greeted by a cheery saloon well-spoken waiter that had a old west accent. He probably learned how to do it, but was cool!

    My meal consisted of a cheese spread I created myself with drunken figs, pork, down to the almost ordered stuffed frog legs.

Tuesday, November 1, 2011


When I was in NY the other week for business I wanted something quick to eat but not fast food : /
While walking around I came up to this place on the corner, which looked fairly new and had a very architecturally pleasing inside. It was this modern food court with fresh food and great service. The concept was flawless and you paid when you left.


I ordered a chicken and brie panini with a tomato and leek soup YUM!