Thursday, November 21, 2013

Relaunch- New Website Same Great Taste!

After months of mulling over the idea of changing my website host I finally made the plunge and transferred my portfolios to a new and exciting service. You will see at the top the same basic portfolios with some reorganizing. My most current contact info and that same quirky photo of me eating. I'm now able to integrate my Blogger into my website instead of having a separate link. Also I no longer have that flashy opening for my site just taking you right to my work.

Hope you like it!


Byron Washington said...

I really like your new website, Felicia! It might have a simple template, but your breathtaking collection of photos will definitely draw a lot of audience. But I think you can also work on and add relevant content to your works in the website. Online viewers also find it entertaining if they can read facts on your works, the events you have gone to, or with the people you have worked with. Cheers!

Byron Washington @ Smart Business Choices

Jennefer Neely said...

Your new website looks great! It's very simple and easy to navigate. The style and theme you chose surely fit your creative passion, which is photography. I'm sure your followers are raving about it. Thanks for sharing that, Felicia! Kudos and more power to you!

Jennefer Neely @ Plastic Otter