Monday, April 4, 2011

Making A Splash!

Planning test shoots are very key to keeping a updated portfolio. You can’t depend on your jobs alone especially with the slow market. It’s also great practice for yourself and gives you a opportunity to try new things.

This past test shoot was influenced by Andrew Scrivani, who is the food photographer for the New York Times. He has a great blog Making Sunday Sauce which I recommend subscribing to if you like food as much as me :)

I love to challenge myself and one shot I feel you can always improve on is the “splash.” Andrew had a post not too long ago showcasing one of his wine splash shots that I fell in love with. It was a different approach that I haven’t tried and I wanted to create it from my perspective. Along with the splash shot I also shot a couple other things on my never ending list for test shoots; strawberries, milk bottle, chocolate... (list goes on)

I search for inspirations on various websites and publications that help me create ideas for things to shoot. This is also never ending because there’s always a new trend or food.

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Lunch Cart said...

I am very flattered, Felicia. I am so glad that you found some inspiration from my piece to experiment and try a new approach. Your results are fantastic. Thanks for being so gracious as to mention me and my site. Be well and keep up the wonderful work.

Andrew Scrivani said...

That was funny. Lunch Cart was my wife's now defunct blog and I was logged into her the comment posted as her.